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Saint Gervais Mont Blanc and Les Contamines-Montjoie resorts

Saint Gervais Mont Blanc

Saint Gervais Mont Blanc ski resort has around 80 miles on his slopes , it is connected with Megève, Combloux et Saint Nicolas de Véroce. You will find all the informations you need on their skilift’s website: http://www.ski-saintgervais.com/us/

The Mont Blanc Train takes you directly to the Nid d’Aigle during the summer and even on the winter. This typical small cogwheel train makes a stop in Saint Gervais. By this one, you can go skiing at Les Houches on the common resort with Saint Gervais and Les Houches.

Les Contamines Montjoie

The Contamines-Montjoie ski area is known for its quality snow cover throughout the season but also for its 360 ° panorama and 75 miles of perfectly maintained trails (including two in the heart of the village). You will find all the information and even live pictures via the webcams on the website of the ski lift company. (https://www.lescontamines.net/home-L-en.html)

Domaine Evasion Mont Blanc

Both resorts are part of the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area, which has 280 miles of slopes. It is the third ski area in France and Saint Gervais is in its heart.  The ski lifts on this area are also open in summer for easy access to the altitude areas, you can go up with the bicycles in the gondolas and enjoy the downhills!

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